Services - Networking

Computer Networking

Networking a new office or organising your existing office network can be time consuming for company staff and cost significant amounts in terms of money and hours.

Rather than inconveniencing staff with network installations or reconfigurations let Access Internet design and implement the best approach to setting up your new network.

We can provide technically knowledgeable staff that will implement the best solution for the design of your network and schedule that work around your normal business hours, so as to minimise inconvenience to your staff or clients.


Access Internet provides an array of services designed to suit our clients needs. Any service not specifically listed here comes under the realm of Web Consultancy.

If you have any specific requirements that you feel may not fall into one of the other services mentioned in this document, please feel free to e-mail Sales and ask about the services you require.

We are confident in being able to provide a service that you require at the right price for your budget!
Networking Specialist    - $120.00 per hour inc 10% GST
Network Teams    - $280.00 per hour inc 10% GST
Computer Maintenance    - $180.00 per hour inc 10% GST


Additional Support

For any company that has a dedicated connection to the internet via Access Internet's network, we offer a value added service whereby, for an additional fee per month, we will help maintain routers and network machines and devices on your company's behalf.

This maintenance includes regular security checks along with updates and advisory's regarding the latest security measures, policy and design.

Want to pay less for Networking?

Why not try our Bulk Plans, and pay for your Networking in advance. Then all you need to do is call us when you require assistance, without the hassles of payment after every callout!
25 Hours Bulk    - $2,500.00 inc 10% GST
50 Hours Bulk    - $4,000.00 inc 10% GST
100 Hours Bulk    - $6,000.00 inc 10% GST