Services - Web Hosting

  Q-Surf Account
  Our Web-hosting service
Access Plan Webhost  - $220.00 per year inc 10% GST 4 gig data
Set-up Fee $122.00  - Virtual Domain, Web and Email Setup fee 
Account Extras  -  - Unlimited email address's
 - 20 Meg homepage space
 - UPS Protected servers
 - CGI, PHP, MySQL, SSI, SSL available
 - Total site statistic logs available
 - Free 7 day a week Help Desk
Extra Prices  -  - Additional Space at $1/month per MB
 - Domain name Cost: $125 + 10% GST
 - Auto responder/Redirector: each $50/yr
 - Dedicated Server: $600/month
 - 0.11 per meg over 4 gig yearly usage
 - Secure Web Server: $150/year


- All prices are current at the time of posting and are subject to change without notice.

- All accounts are payable monthly in advance.

- Any account exceeding homepage storage levels will be charged at $1.00 per Meg per month.

- The use of PING programs and KEEP ALIVE programs are not allowed, on detection of these programs the account will be terminated without warning or refund.

- PIRACY and other illegal activities will NOT be tolerated, on detection of illegal activities the account will be terminated without warning and the appropriate action taken.