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Hello and welcome to the Access Internet on-line user registration pages. These pages allow you to create an Internet account with Access Internet.

The following registration pages use tables and forms. If your browser does not support both of these "features" or you are uncomfortable submitting personal information over the Internet, please feel free to contact our customer service centre on
08 9592 6850 and they will be happy to discuss connection options with you.

Conditions of Access Internet

Customer bound by these conditions of use: By using the service the Customer agrees to be bound by these conditions of use. These conditions of use may change from time to time and shall incorporate any rules of the service as set out in our home page/registration form or announced in our Newsgroups or by e-mail to Customers from time to time.

Customers own risk: The use of the service is at the Customer's own risk. Access Internet does not guarantee an uninterrupted or error free service.

Access Internet shall not be liable for any damages arising out of use of the service or inability to use the service.

Access Internet may in its discretion delete any materials found in its storage discs.

No breaches of laws or copyright: The service shall not be used by any individual or group of persons for any activities of any illegal or fraudulent nature, including activities prohibited under
the Australian Commonwealth Tele-communications Act 1989 or under other applicable Australian State and Commonwealth laws.

Customers shall not download any material that would result in any breach of copyright laws or which would result in Access Internet being liable for any fees to APRA or any other person under or in connection with the Copyright Act 1968.

Netiquette: Access Internet reserves the right to discontinue a service if in its absolute discretion the account has been or is being used for offensive activities or those considered
poor net etiquette.

Access Internet will not allow any user to send chain letters or spam mail to other users of the system, anyone found doing this will have their account suspended without notice.

Single use: The standard flat rate account provides access to the service for one person only.

The Customer will not intentionally connect to the service more than once at the same time. If a user is found to be logged on more than once, Access Internet may suspend the Customer's
account without further notice.

All accounts must be paid by due date or accounts will be suspended until payment is received.

Notification of Changes: Access Internet reserves the right to modify charges or conditions for the service that it provides and agrees to give a minimum of 14 days notice of any such
changes to Customers via e-mail.

Access charges: Access Internet may offset amounts owing by the Customer against amounts paid in advance by the Customer. For accounts with minimum monthly charges, this amount is
to be paid whether or not the account is used during that month.

Credit card billing: If a credit card number has been supplied for billing purposes, this is taken as permission to bill this card for any money owing to Access Internet unless other arrangements have been made at the time of taking out the Account.

Account suspension: Access Internet will suspend an account for up to 3 months if notified one month in advance by either mail, facsimile, e-mail or facsimile.

Change of account type: The Customer may change account plans at the start of a calendar month. Notification of this should be received by Access Internet by the first day of the next
calendar month for it to apply from that day. E-mail notification to the accounts section.

Termination: An account may be terminated by either party at any time in that party's absolute discretion by sending notification to Access Internet by fax, snail mail or emailing the accounts section. The account will be closed and charging will cease from the day the message is received. Billing to the account will continue until such notification is sent.

You the customer are responcable for checking at all times, the number, you are given, to connect to Access Internet is in fact a local call, from your location, with your telephone provider, Access Internet, will not be held responcable for any , phone bills, you may incure, at any time, through using the service.
Termination refund: Upon termination, the Customer is entitled to a refund for any prepayments of whole months access. Parts of months and setup charges will not be refunded

Locked accounts: If an account is locked due to a breach of the conditions of use or late payment, membership fees are still payable for the period the account was locked and no credits will be given.

User ID's: Access Internet reserves the right to disallow the use of particular user ID's if they are considered offensive or inappropriate.

Only standard equipment: Access Internet will only be able to provide support for equipment which is approved by the relevant statutory authority such as Austel for modems.

Access Internet will charge for call-outs to do Re-Setups / Installations at the cost of $40 per hour or thereof.

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Problems? Contact Access Internet support by sending an e-mail to  or telephoning (08) 9592 6850 with details. Thank you.