Customer Service - How to change your dialup number

OS (Operating System)

Windows 95/98/NT
Windows xp
Macintosh OS 7.x
Macintosh OS 8.x

If you have any questions about how to change your dial-up number please refer to your operating system below.

If you need further assistance you can send e-mail to  or call Technical Support on
(08) 9592 6850

Windows 95/98

1. Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.
2. Double click on the Dial-up networking icon.
3. Double click on the make new connection icon.
4. Click FILE on the menu and select PROPERTIES.
5. Enter you local access number 0198 333324.
6. Set DNS to Auto detect(this should already be set to this) continue to step 7.
7. Click on the SERVER TYPES Tab at the top or button at the bottom. (depends on windows version)
8. Click on the button at the bottom of the Server Types window that says TCP/IP SETTINGS
9. Set DNS to Server asigned(this should already be set)
10. When you are done, click OK and keep clicking on the OK buttons until you are back to DIAL-UP NETWORKING.

Windows xp.

To change the phone number in windows xp
1. Windows xp users , click on your dialer, when it opens to dial change the number to 0198 333324.
2. click connect,when it asks you it you want to save the changed number, click yes.
3. About the national number, this number will be used in all areas, as they are setup
the national number, works in this way, when you dial the number from your area
you are connected to the local exchange, and automaticlly switched to our local ports
if you are not a local call, or the lines are full, you wont be able to get connected.
Remember, technical Support is availble on 9592 6850, we are here to help you .

Macintosh OS 7.x

1. Go to your Control Panels which are under the Apple.
2. Open Free PPP
3. Click on the Accounts tab. (if you do not see the accounts tab, click on the little triangle in the lower left corner)
4. Select Access Internet and click on the Edit button.
5. Enter you local access number.
6. If you do not need to change the DNS numbers then close the window, otherwise continue to step 7.
7. Click on the General Tab, then click the MacTCP button at the bottom.
8. Select the FreePPP icon and click on the More button.
9. Enter the domain and your primary DNS in the first row and click on the Default button.
10. Enter the domain and your secondary DNS number in the second row.
11. Close this window, then close the MacTCP window.
12. Close the FreePPP window, then Restart your compute, you are done.

Macintosh OS 8.x

1. Go to your Control Panels which are under the Apple.
2. Open PPP
3. Put the new phone number 0198 333324 in where the old one was.
4. If you do not need to change your DNS numbers, Close the window and click SAVE and you are done, otherwise continue to step 5.
5. Click on the menu item PPP and select TCP/IP.
6. Enter the Primary and Secondary DNS numbers in the "Name server addr" field provided, be sure to Enter after each address.
(format: )
7. Enter in the "Search domains" box.
7. Close the window and click SAVE and you are done.
8. Now you can click on connect to dial or you can close the window and click SAVE .